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How to Save Money on Software Costs

Using Free Versions of Popular Software Can Save a Lot of Money

Software costs aren't the biggest part of your budget, but using free software in place of expensive namebrand software can ultimately save you money.  Here are some recommendations that we have on ways to save on software.

Ways to Lower Your Software Costs:

  • Save on Word Processing and Spreadsheet Software.  Instead of Microsoft Office, use or LibreOffice.  Both are open source software, both are free, and both have familiar interfaces that can open and save in Microsoft formats.
  • Save on AntiVirus Software.  Norton schmorton! You don't need to pay for your antivirus software.  You're probably well protected with Windows latest Security Essentials and Internet explorers popup blocker, however, if you want more protection for free, try Avast! Antivirus software.  Don't just search for antivirus software on the web and install the first thing you see!  Many antivirus programs take advantage of people that feel the need for protection and are actually the viruses themselves.
  • Save on Note Taking Software.  Want to stay organized and share files from any computer, mobile phone or tablet?  Instead of paying for Microsoft OneNote try EverNote.  It's free for up to 60MB.
  • Save on Online Storage.  Instead of buying a flash drive or FTP software, you can use DropBox to store up to 2GB of your files, data, pics, etc.  You just drag your items to the DropBox folder and you can access it from any computer with Internet access.
  • Save on Book Software.  Instead of paying for Amazon Kindle Reader, you can download Kindle Reader for free.  It is available for any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet and allows you to purchase and read ebooks from Amazon.
  • Save on Video Encoding Software.  You can spend a fortune on video editing software but we found a free software called FreeMake that lets you read any format (DVD, audio, video, photo or even a URL) and can convert the output to Apple, DVD, Blu-ray, Android, MKV, AVI, MP3 or Youtube formats.
  • Want to save more money?  Visit our resource center on how to save money.

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