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Is Your Small Business Missing a Trick?

SEO Strategy

Regardless of what business you're running, if you aren't developing an effective SEO strategy, then you are missing a trick. Of course, it's possible to grow and run a business without a website and SEO content, but your leads and conversions will be far lower than is possible. If you don't know where to start, there are many excellent online articles covering the subject. Initially, you will conduct keyword research and draw up a list of keywords relevant to your business. These keywords will then be integrated into your online presence in the form of On-Page SEO and SEO content.

PPC Advertising

Similarly, if you don't know about the power of PPC advertising, it's time to put on your learning hat and start reading. Advertising in the past meant putting up billboards and composing jingles. The idea was to reach as many potential customers as possible. Since the advent of the internet, this strategy has evolved somewhat. Perhaps due to the nature of algorithms, advertising has become targeted and highly relevant to consumer's search terms. PPC advertising allows your company to pop-up when a potential customer searches for a related keyword or shows an interest in your product.

Link Building

The major search engines all have top-secret algorithms used to identify relevant, high-quality content to store in their index. The algorithm is kept secret to protect it from abuse and to maintain a competitive online environment. Some of its criteria, however, are well known – such as its focus on relevance. Another factor is quality, which is related to links. If your website is linked to other high-quality websites in your niche, and better still, if you have backlinks – links from other websites to yours – it is an indication to the search engine that your website is a high-quality resource on the web.

Business Leads

Business leads refer to the practice of obtaining information relating to your target customers. Information comes in the form of relevant data acquired from social media – a process known as prospecting – and up-to-date lists of contact information for potential customers. This information can be used in several ways by your company to improve prospects of acquiring new leads. Most successful businesses these days have a process of transferring lead data into their sales funnel and onto their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. If you're not aware of this potential source of new revenue, you could be missing a trick.

Online Marketing

With so many excellent marketing tools at your disposal in the digital world, it would be insane not to take full advantage of the possibilities. Television and radio advertising costs a fortune; it is relatively ineffective compared with regular social media updates and blog posts that use relevant keywords. Make sure your business has an online presence with a strong brand. Modern consumers have come to expect a simple brand and convey the nature of your company concisely. When you have the perfect brand, make sure to use it consistently across all your products, distribution, and digital updates.