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Our Visitors Gave Us These Ideas to Save Money

Saving Money Requires Lifestyle Changes and Frugality

Here is a list of additional money saving tips that we've compiled from our visitors.  This list of ways to save money has been compiled by our visitors so it isn't really in any specific order.  Also, visit our list of ways to save money.

  • Here are some ways my family saves money:

    - We plant a small garden each spring, with just the vegetables we really like. Just a little effort every day can save dollars usually spent on fresh vegetables at the store.

    - We buy bread and other bakery items at the local thrift bread store.

    - We check our local library for the newest dvd/video releases, which we can rent 3 for $2.00 for two days.

    - We read our local newspapers online.

    - We search E-Bay for big ticket items and have saved literally hundreds on computers, dvd players, etc.

    - We keep track of the cost of items we buy a lot and get them at the cheapest store, like cleaning supplies at Family Dollar, pet food at Wal-Mart, etc.

    - We make a conscious effort to combine tasks that require driving some place, so we get the most out of our mileage.

    For our friends and family who do not feel slighted by this, we send e-mail cards for holidays, birthdays and as thank you cards. We also e-mail family and friends who live far away, instead of calling long distance.

    - We do not have a monthly fee long distance service, we just use an access code when we do call, which is infrequently anyway.

    - We decided which satellite channels we could do without, and even gave up a few shows we really liked, and saved more than $20.00 on our monthly bill.

    - When we do buy vegetables, fruits and bread at the grocery store, we check the reduced-for-quick-sale carts and shelves first.

    - We change the oil in our vehicles ourselves.

  • Breastfeed your children! Even if you are a working mother and especially to those of you who are not... breastfeeding requires very little or no money and can save you from spending upwards of $100 a month in formula. Even a good breast pump for a working mother will cost you a little more than 2 months worth of formula. You can also sometimes rent or get your insurance to pay for your pump if you need one. You can get assistance for all kinds of breastfeeding issues from La Leche League ( find yourself a local group or call them toll free. Breastfeeding your children will also reduce your long term medical costs and a way to save you more money.

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