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5 Ways to Save Money with a Sim Only Deal

If you want to save money on your mobile phone package then you’re best off opting for sim only deals. These are cheap in comparison to other types of phone contracts and you can pay for them in rolling monthly payments. This makes it easier to budget for your phone as a short-term expense, without getting tied into lengthy expensive contracts. Sim only deals also come in a variety of packages so you can choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and your budget. Here are five ways you can save money with a sim only deal.

Sim only deals are cheap

Choosing a prepaid sim only deal is one of the best ways to save money. They’re cheap because they don’t include the price of a handset. If you already have a phone, then this is ideal. You’ll also be able to choose the package you want depending on how much data, phone calls, and messages you need. If you want you can choose a cheap offer with lower allowances. You can also get great deals on unlimited data sims if you use your phone more often.

Sim only deals are shorter

Sim only deals make it easier to budget for short-term expenses because you aren’t tied into a long-term contract. You can cancel with just a month’s notice and then you’re free to go with another provider if you’ve found a better deal. If you opt for a mobile contract that includes a handset you could be talking about 18months or more, with no get-out clause.

Sim only deals are flexible

Sim only deals are flexible in general, as you can update them at any time. If you feel like you need more data, for example, you can add this on to your price plan. Pay as you go contracts might be much less flexible, and long-term, asking for a 6month commitment at least for the same package. Sim only deals give you the freedom to shop around if you want to change to another provider, change your package, or change your phone.

Save money for a new phone

If you can’t afford a new phone at the moment, a sim only deal allows you to save for one in the future. You’re also not tied into a contract with the same phone, so you can upgrade your smartphone at any time and use the same sim. If you are thinking about buying a new phone, check out some of the best smartphones in 2020.

Use your phone for business

If you opt for a dual-sim phone you can get two cheap sim only deals, one for personal use and one for business. This way you can use the same phone for both. A sim only deal will make your life a lot easier. You’ll save money and hassle without having to commit to anything in the long-term.

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