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Money Saving Tips For Your Holiday That Actually Work

Holidays can seem like expensive affairs and while the most luxurious certainly don’t come with the prettiest of price tags, you’d be surprised at just where you can go and how well you can travel even when you’re on a tight budget. From choosing your accommodation carefully, to considering an all-inclusive break, you can save money while travelling and still get to enjoy everything you want to and more. Quick loans could provide a solution in a financial emergency, such as an emergency medical bill picked up from your holiday, but we’re taking a look into how you can book a break and jet off without breaking the bank. Read on to find out!


How and when you get to your dream destination can make all the difference when it comes to the price you’ll pay. Everything from your chosen dates, to your mode of transport could be the difference between a budget-friendly trip and one that requires a second mortgage just to board the plane! Travelling in low seasons, midweek and either early in the morning or later in the day can often come a lot cheaper than peak-time travel and in some cases, opting for a train or coach over a flight can save you hundreds in return for a few extra hours travelling. Alternatively, you could fly on an indirect, as one stop over can reduce your overall flight costs considerably.


If you’re willing to be flexible with accommodation, you’ll be pleased to know you can save hundreds just by searching around for alternative ways to rest your head at night. Whether you’re happy to stay in a hostel rather than a hotel, or you scour Airbnb for the perfect unique stay with half the price tag of a lifeless hotel room, the money you save can even come with additional memories you won’t get anywhere else.


Food is a cost that we can’t avoid, but one that can add up if you don’t try to shop smart. You have a few choices on what to do here, but the most highly advisable one is to eat like a local! Avoid the heavily touristy areas where possible and you’ll be surprised at how much you could save. Local restaurants tend to have locally sourced food, will serve more authentic dishes to the area and can offer a price tag that can be as much as halved, if not more, simply because they aren’t taking advantage of the tourist market. You could also opt for shopping in local supermarkets and taking advantage of free breakfast opportunities at your hotel or hostel.

Currency Exchange

Exchanging currency unfortunately comes with fees and this is especially true if you leave it until the last minute or opt for drawing out money when you arrive. By exchanging your currency in advance, you’ll have more time to find the best deals, the lowest fees and the more profitable exchange rates. Alternatively, you could opt for a travel debit card – these cards are designed to store your cash so you don’t have to carry around wads of currency, but most will come with very low withdrawal fees, or potentially even none at all!

Go All-Inclusive

If you’re looking for a traditional resort holiday, take a little more time to save up and go all-inclusive. As tempting as it might be to take the ‘room only’ deal because the price tag is lower, by the time you’ve bought your food, drinks, snacks and activities while you’re there, this will easily add up to the money you’ve saved, if not more. There is a lot of debate around all-inclusive holidays, and while avoiding these packages if you’re taking a city break could work out beneficial, fans of resort and beach holidays in particular can benefit considerably from all-inclusive.

Your holiday doesn’t have to be a pricey affair. Whether you’re on a strict budget or just want to save a little bit of extra cash to go towards your souvenir shopping, hopefully our tips have helped give you a head start for saving money on your holiday! Where will you travel?