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How to Save Money on Your Kids

Buying Used, Making Things Yourself, and Finding Inexpensive Entertainment are the Top Ways to Save Money on Your Children

Nothing eats into your monthly household budget like the cost of raising kids.  We've thought about ways we've saved as well as done some research to find other ideas which we've listed below.

Ways to Save Money on Your Children:

  • Make your own baby food.  It will be healthier and much less expensive.  One sweet potato can make almost a dozen meals for a baby for less than a dollar.  There are thousands of recipes online to get you started.
  • Lower your diaper costs by using cloth diapers.  They are inconvenient, but they can save you and the environment.
  • Make your own disposable baby wipes with paper towels, baby wash.  Search online for "homemade baby wipes".
  • Find hand me down clothing for your children, either from friends or from garage sales.  Because children outgrow clothing so quickly, there is usually a lot of cheap clothing in good condition.
  • Learn how to cut your child's hair.  Assuming you don't embarass them, this can save $15 every other month.  Note: Stop doing this when they reach high school or earlier unless you've become really good at it.
  • Join Upromise or another online shopping rewards site and save money toward your childrens' education whenever you shop online, at the grocery store, gas station and restaurants.  Doesn't cost anything to join and you can get your friends and family to help.  We've already saved over $800 for our kids education this way.
  • Save on birthday parties by having them at home.  Rent a karoake game for your game console and come up with a creative theme that doesn't cost much.  Ordering pizza or making a lasagna is much less expensive than having a party elsewhere.  Or maybe find a friend with a bouncy house that you can borrow. And don't forget the birthday cake!  You can choose to get online birthday cake delivery fast and at a reasonable price without ever leaving your home.
  • Look for toys on clearance and buy a bunch.  Save them and use them when your kids go to parties.  Will save you time shopping and money.
  • When it comes to sports like baseball, football, karate and swimming lessons, sign up with your city programs.  They are usually free or have a minimal fee compared to for-profit programs.
  • Find inexpensive forms of entertainment.  For example, instead of going to an amusement park, take your kids to some free botanical gardens or nature preserve.  Tell them that you are exploring of find some way to make them enjoy the outdoors.  A simple nature scavenger hunt can often make a child's day.
  • Want more ideas on how to save?  Visit our main page filled with ways to save money.

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