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Investment Calculator

See How Your Investment Grows at Different Rates of Return

This investment calculator can be used to show how your investments can grow over time at different interest rates, different time periods, and with different yearly investments and withdrawals.

To use the investment calculator, start by entering the total value of your current savings or investment account.  Then, put in any additional money you plan to invest each year.  In the third row enter what rate of return you expect to get on your investments.  We recommend using something in the 4-9% range depending on whether you invest conservatively or more aggressive.  Next, choose the number of years you plan to keep your money invested, or in other words, the time until you retire.  Finally, choose the amount of money each year that you plan to reinvest.  For example, if you don't plan to take any money out, choose 100%.  If you plan to remove 4% per year, then choose 96%.  When you've finished, hit submit and watch how your investments might grow.  Try calculating a few investment scenarios so that you have a good idea as to other ways that things could play out.

Initial Investment: Your initial portfolio
Annual Investment: Money added each year
Investment Return %: Annual rate of return
Number of years: Years you plan to invest
Amount Reinvested: What % you reinvest

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