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How to Save Money on Your Gas Costs

A Few Simple Steps Can Lead to Significant Savings on Gas and Fuel Costs

As oil prices climb faster and faster nearly every year, the days of $2 and maybe even $3 gas might be over.  The world is using more and more oil with less and less reserves with the end result being higher and higher gas prices.  Here are some simple but useful ideas to keep in mind when driving.

Ways to Save Money on Gas Costs:

  • The most obvious way to save money on gas is to buy a car that gets better gas mileage, including the new diesels and hybrids.  This isn't always practical, so we've included ways to save with your current car.
  • Consolidate your driving.  Carpool if you can.  Also, plan your shopping trips to cut down on the amount of driving.
  • Take public transportation if you can.  Driving to park and ride spots on your commute can save a lot of money on gas and lower your cars mileage.
  • Keep your tire pressure at the recommended level (found inside the drivers door).  This will increase fuel economy and lower wear and tear on your tires.
  • Change your driving method.  Accelerate slowly and be more gentle on the gas pedal.
  • Don't buy gas supplements that say they increase gas mileage -- they don't work, and if they do, they don't offset the price you pay for the supplement.
  • Don't put premium gas in your car unless it is a high performance vehicle.  Most cars these days recommend premium gas and the dealers try to say that it will increase performance and mileage.  It will not increase your gas mileage.
  • Empty your trunk and remove any carriers that you aren't using. Every 100 pounds of extra weight you remove can increase your mileage by 2%.
  • An easy way to find the lowest gas prices is to get an app for your phone.  There are dozens of them.  The local gas prices are updated by other app users, so find an app that is popular in your area (test out several if you need to).  Use the gas app to pinpoint the best priced locations.
  • Join a gas club or get a credit card that offers 5% off gas purchases.  Many gas stations have members cards that are easy to apply for and that give you substantial discounts on gas.
  • Buy your gas at a warehouse such as Sams Club or Costco.  In some cities there are unattended wholesale gas locations that offer additional discounts to members.
  • Pump gas in the morning, when it is cooler.  Warm weather causes vapor loss and the gas also expands, which means you get more gas when it is cooler.
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