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Basic Financial Calculators

Calculate Loan Amounts, Debt Payoff and Mortgage Payments

Financial calculators are useful tools to get quick estimates on debt related items such as mortgages and loans.  While using them is quick an gives a reasonable estimate, make sure you do your research and enter the right figures in the calculators.

With that said, we've designed some simple financial calculators that help you calculate loan amounts, the amount of time to pay off debt, and total mortgage payment costs including property taxes.

Debt Payoff Calculator

Use this financial calculator to compute how changes in your debt payments can change how long it takes to pay off your debt.  You can also put in when you want to pay your debt off and it will calculate your monthly payment.

Loan Amount Calculator

Find out how much loan you can afford by using this financial calculator and entering the monthly payment and interest rate.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Enter your loan amount, interest rate and payment terms and this financial calculator will tell you how much your monthly mortgage payment will be.

Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet

Use this spreadsheet to calculate how much money you need to save for retirement given your required income, investment rate and inflation.

Financial IQ Test

Answer three simple questions to see if you have what it takes to manage your own money.  This simple test takes just a few minutes.

Investment Growth Calculator

Find out how much your initital investment and future payments can be worth with this versatile investment growth calculator.