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Your credit report and credit score are perhaps the biggest factor in how much money you will save over the long term.  Having a high credit score means that you will get the lowest interest rates.  Lower interest rates save you tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime.  Even if you find yourself in financial trouble it is essentital that you do not let it hurt your credit.  And if you've already been in financial trouble and your credit reflect that, there are lots of ways to work on rebuilding your credit report and raising your credit score. We offer advice on several different credit and debt topics.  Here are the topics we've covered.

Find Out How Long it Takes to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Paying off credit card debt takes a long time and much of the payments are for interest.  Here's a table showing how long it takes to pay off $10,000 in credit card debt.

Have You Thought About Filing Bankruptcy?

If you've thought about filing bankruptcy you should first understand the different filings and what they can mean for your long term credit score.

How to Find a Loan

Some advice on getting a new or refinance loan.  Find out if your credit is good enough to qualify for top interest rates and then find an appropriate lender.

Finding a Good Credit Card

Finding the right credit card means doing your research and making sure that the credit card you choose matches your needs, has a relatively low interest rate, and has rewards that match your lifestyle.

Does it Make Sense to Consolidate Your Debt?

If you have more than one loan and are paying high interest rates on one of them, it may make sense for you to combine your loans under one secured asset to reduce your interest and monthly payments.

Have You Checked Your Credit Report?

Keeping a good credit report and a high credit score are essential in your quest to build long term wealth.  Without them, you'll miss out on the best rates and even have trouble getting good insurance rates.

Why Interest Rates Save You Money

The amount of interest that you pay over the life of a loan is shocking!  On a $300,000 6% loan, you pay over $345,000 in interest! Lower interest rates can greatly reduce these interest costs, as our table shows.

How Loans Work

The loan process involves much more than just an application and closing.  Learn about what goes on behind the scenes when you apply for a loan.

What to Know About Mobile POS

Accepting money over a mobile device is probably the way of the future.  Here is what you need to know about Mobile POS before you get started.

Determine How Much Car You Can Afford

Before you take on a new car loan you should ask yourself the best way to determine how much car you should buy.

How Debt is Handled in Other Countries

Other countries have unique ways of handling excess credit card debt. Here are some of the interesting things they do.

How to Use a Bridge Loan

Learn what a bridge loan is an how it could be used to help your real estate investments in the future.

How Title Loans Work

Learn what title loans are and whether one might be right for you.

Can a Bank Refuse a Checking Account?

Learn about refused checking accounts and second chance bank accounts.

How to Find the Right SMB Loans for Your Business

Size, speed and reason are all things to consider when looking for an SMB business loan.

What are Approval Rates of Payday Loans

Learn what affects approval rates for these types of loans.

Financial Advice for 2021

Get advice specific to 2021.

Economic Impact of Coronavirus

What we can do about the economic impact of Coronavirus.

What is a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Learn about secured versus unsecured loans.

What a Loan Broker Can Do For You

Learn about the services a loan broker can provide to you.

Financial Benefits from Short Term Loans

Find out the many reasons you may want to consider taking out a short term loan if your situation calls for it.