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Free Online Household Budget Template

Start Your Household Budget by Using Our Free Online Budget Template

This free budget template is not intended to take the place of a thoughtfully planned household budget, but it is a good starting point to get you to think about where your money is being spent, and about how much you should theoretically be able to put into savings each month.

How to Use This Budget Template

Begin by filling in the income and income deduction fields with your monthly household income and any deductions to income.  The template will automatically compute your monthly net income.  Next, fill in your household expenses.  There may be expenses that you have that are not included in this template.  If so, include them in the "other expense" field.  Your total expenses and monthly budget total will automatically be calculated near the bottom.

Use this budget template to get an idea of whether or not your monthly budget has a surplus or not.  It should give you a ballpark figure with which to get started.  For a more comprehensive tool, please download our free budget worksheet in either Excel or OpenOffice Calc formats.

Online Budget Template

Monthly Gross Income (wages, alimony, child support, pensions, social security, etc.)

Income Deductions
Taxes (Federal, State, FICA, etc.)
Savings Plan (401k, 403b, ESPP, etc)
Other (medical, dental, vision, life insurance, etc.)
Total Income Deductions

Monthly Net Income

Rent or Mortgage
Other Housing Costs (property taxes, home insurance, etc.)
Utilities (water, sewer, garbage, electricity, telephone)
Home Maintenance (laundry, toiletries, upkeep)
Transportation (car payment, bus or taxi fees)
Auto Upkeep (gas, insurance, license, parking)
Food (groceries, restaurant expenses, deliveries)
Clothes (and other related shopping expenses)
Books, Periodicals, Online Services (internet services)
Entertainment (cable, satellite, DVD and VHS rentals, theater, vacation, travel, etc.)
Debt (credit cards, school loans, boat loans, etc.)
Other Monthly Expenses (child care, housekeeping, hobbies, etc.)
Total Expenses

Amount Left Over to Save or Invest



We hope you enjoyed this free budget calculator.

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