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About Free Financial Advice

Our History

Started in 2002, Free Financial Advice offers articles and information about personal finance topics.  Our site started with just a set of simple but highly effective financial rules.  After that, we started taking email questions from our visitors and provided our free answers.  A few months later we were so overwhelmed with the number of questions that we opened a financial forum.  While we were able to keep up the financial forum for almost 8 years, the amount of spam and inappropriate posts finally broke the board, and we had to suspend the forum.

Since then, we've been adding new financial content to our site based on requests from visitors.  Our articles are written in a conversational style and all content is original to this site.

Our Background

All articles on this site were written by Chris Snelling.  He has been writing for financial websites for over ten years.  Before this, Chris had a career in finance and investments, working for two different investment banks, a mutual fund company, and for a public Internet company.  He has worked on mergers and acquistions for such companies as Harley Davidson, as well as being a stock analyst for the leading technology mutual fund during the Internet boom (and bust) of the late 90s / early 2000s.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide financial help to our visitors  We have been through many boom and bust times and believe that frugality, mixed with good investing and financial discipline can help the average person greatly improve their financial situation.  Our articles are written with this goal in mind.  For a crash course, please see our financial rules.  Also, we recommend that if you want to get control of you finances that you create a budget by downloading our free budget template.